Munster Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Player Development Programme

Work with Player Development Programme

  • Assess level and type of coaching used
  • Act as advisory resource for mentors
  • Set up and chair committee to deal with structures of the Player Development Programme
  • Advise in sourcing experts to help with various regions
  • Assess needs of the various regions

LGFA Player Development Programme – WIDEN THE NET

A programme that will equip players with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be the best they can be and foster a sporting vocation (‘Love’) for our sport.

  • An Inclusive programme for all players, focusing on a wide range of abilities
  • An opportunity for players to develop individually, with different players, learn new skills, and develop the fundamental skills in a positive and safe environment
  • An opportunity for all Counties to enhance their process of player development
  • An opportunity for coach deve lopment and networking within a County
  • Promotion of a non-competitive enjoyable environment prioritising the involvement of all players

Benefits to Players

  • Meet players from other clubs
  • Train with players of similar ability
  • Exposed to higher level coaching

Benefits to Clubs

  • Opportunity for club coaches to attend workshops & be mentored
  • Exposure of best practice coaching
  • Opportunity for players to ‘bring back’ learning
  • Every club involved

Benefits to County

  • Opportunity to invest in wider membership
  • Strengthen club relationships
  • Upskill and identify coaches within the county


  • NO trials or selection/de-selection process – Regional programme to encourage greater participation i.e. North, South etc.
  • U13 & U15 Festival Days will be entirely non-competitive, there will be trophy, plate, cup and shield finals for U17 Festival Day
  • Players from the Player Development Programme may be selected for the following years County team however the trial and selection process should be entirely separate and not an extension of the Player Development Programme

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